Saturday, September 3, 2011

Holly Marie Combs - Vitiligo

Holly Marie Combs known as Holz is a stunning actress. She is one of the famous people with Vitiligo. She is best known for playing Piper Hallowen for “Charmed”. At early age of 7 she came to New-York for acting in photographic print advertisements as well as commercials. Her play-acting first appearance was in the year 1992 with television dramatic play, named Picket Fences. In the year 2008 Combs signalized up a contract with the Lifetime TV for playing up a role in a brand-new television serial named up as the “Mistresses”. At present, she resides in the city of San Franderno and has 2 boys by the name of Arthur and Riley Edward.

Holz suffers , though slightly, from the Vitiligo disease on both of her hands, which is obvious within a few of her movies.

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